What services can I buy from TheWebStore.co.nz?

TheWebStore is a one stop service provider, we provide website design, website development, open source coding through to high end custom graphic design including website, logo and web banners. Our online Store sells our full suite of web services as well as Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Facebook Page design, Google Places set up and management, Domains, Training, Virtual Assistant services. Browse the Store for full details.

How long does it take to design a custom website?

Custom websites can be designed and built quickly, but it is highly dependent on how quickly the customer provides feedback to us. Delays in giving feedback can mean a longer development time. A basic but fully custom website could be completed within a few days once the specification has been agreed.

Can we meet at your offices for a no-obligation chat or have a no obligation phone call to discuss my ideas for a website?

Yes, we welcome your enquiry and would be pleased to have an initial chat with you about your project by telephone or face to face.

I have a great idea for a website, will you sign a non disclosure agreement?

Yes, TheWebStore regularly completes non disclosure agreements (NDA), simply present us with your document and we’ll confirm if we can work to your specification.

I am interested in buying a service, can I call before hand?

Yes, call us on 07 572 3475 or use our contact form for a written reply to any questions you may have.

How long are your web design quotes valid for?

The quotes we provide in writing are valid for 30 days. Please be aware that quotes are based on a number of hours for your project i.e. a number of revisions. Where a customer requests new functions, different functions or changes the specification once work has begun or has finished, the final price may change. Please read your quote to understand what work we are quoting for.

Are there any extra costs I need to be aware of for web design or other services?

All website owners incur a cost of website hosting, we a first class New Zealand hosting service which is exclusive for our web design customers; this means business rated servers, with massive redundancy, 99.9% uptime and good neighbourhood IP address. Talk to us about hosting.

I am interested in your SEO and SEM services; do I get a written report of the work that was completed?

If you are buying from our Store (online) you will find each SEO service will have a description of the service, the outcome and if a report is available. In most instances a written report is available and sent to your nominated email address. We prefer to send a report to our customers as it helps them understand their previous ranking and new ranking.

I have used SEO services and am now seeing my website move up and down for specific keywords, why is this?

When changes are made to a website; a Search Engine may try to adjust the placement to a new level, either positive or negative. This can sometimes be known as a “bounce” where the Search Engine moves the listing up or down. This phenomenal movement can be more extreme for newer websites which have few backlinks and/or have new keywords. Typically, if Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing has been carried out correctly, your website will increase in ranking and move forward positively. Taking a top number 1 position; means that you are basically taking this from another website owner, be prepared for the other owner to also start link building to promote their own keywords further. As new links are discovered by Search Engines there can be a more ‘value’ given to a new link while the true value of the link is discovered, this phenomenon of new links has also been seen to deliver movement to rankings. Where a keyword is heavily contested, you will see massive movement as the Search Engine finds new links every minute, hour or day for the keyword.

How does your Virtual Assistant Service Work?

The WebStore Virtual Assistant Service is where you can designate certain web tasks to us to free up your own time and resources. If you are struggling with design, social media, SEO or SEM then our service may of be high interest to you. Simply advise us of tasks you want to designate, this could be tasks such as link building to content management of your website to social media account mangement. We’ll confirm the tasks and time to take the job on and agree a price with you in writing. No contracts, no tie-ins, simply use the service for an ongoing basis or for a set amount of time.