About Us

Webstore is NZ owned and operated in Christchurch by Hamish McCullough. Webstore provides high quality custom designed websites for a fraction of the cost versus larger corporate companies. Hamish comes from a background of I.T and has a wealth of knowledge. The team can assist any business of any size with getting an online Web Presence.

Why choose Webstore?

There are hundreds of web designers in New Zealand so why would you choose Webstore? The team are known for their knowledge and expertise and have been quoted by clients to be “light years ahead of many other web companies” thus giving you, the client a huge online advantage.


Webstore has been trusted by local and national businesses, schools, clubs and organisations to build their business website and are ready to help you.

Our Team



Hamish has almost fourteen years experience with a core background in I.T but his interests extends to internet marketing and web development. He has helped many businesses operate efficiently through his I.T business Gekko. He can also assist businesses optimise their websites taking them from page nowhere in the search results to page 1 listings in Google, completely overtaking their competitors; he also provides one on one training for those that would like to do SEO (search engine optimization) themselves.


Peter is the hub of operations and is the glue which combines design and strategy into HTML, PHP and CSS. With a degree in computer science and six years commercial experience he codes Erika’s extravaganza designs into master websites with ease


Peter also excels in mathematical competitions and leaves his mates shocked at this ability to problem solve.